My team wins Gold award at FIRST Global Challenge 2023

By championing the belief in the principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is a family), we extended our support and resources to fellow FGC teams. The generosity displayed by Team India left a lasting impression on these fellow teams, who were genuinely impressed by the extent of our assistance and voted us for the ‘Helping Hands’ award.

We shared videos on various technical and non technical topics. Organised a 5 day Computer Aided design workshop, shared various designs and tips to the fellow FGC teams.

CAD workshops and Technical help provided to fellow FGC teams

Moreover the team distributed a specially designed tool kits with essential tools and spares, a first aid kit, scouting sheets, strategy sheets, Handmade flowers by the special school children from Goa. The flowers were a major hit as every delegate was seen wearing them

Resources provided to fellow FGC teams

The Helping award secured by Team India is the testament to the commitment of Team India to its inherent nature of Giving.

Four awards secured by Team India for FGC 2023
Awards for Team India for FGC 2023


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