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Aawaaz: Every Voice Counts

TEAM: Sai Pranav Gandhi, Vedant Abhyankar, Arya Bhandare We have noticed that the people who help us in our daily lives like the maids, drivers, watchmen and utility services staff face financial instability to money and are forced to rely on help from their employers. We researched to find out that the Government actually provides many schemes for the benefit of such workers from the unorganized sector, but they are often not aware of these schemes. So we decided to first list out the challenges faced by them: Lack of financial literacy Lack of information on Central Govt Schemes Lack of information on various investment options Zero to Negligible surplus income Lack of time to complete Govt procedures for availing Govt Schemes Absence of documents needed to apply for Govt schemes Lack of personal advisor to address queries Employers not providing help in financial planning like in case of formal sector So we decided to build an app that can address these challenges. We decided to nam