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WRO 2020-X, Open Category by Team Legogoa Coderex, Elementary level

The theme is CLIMATE SQUAD MISSIONS and the teams had to come up with ideas on 1. Manufacture locally to avoid transportation 2. Restoring nature’s ability to regulate the climate Team Legogoa researched and found out that its home state #Goa in Country #India had its largest share of carbon emission arising from transport due to import of goods. Vegetables and fruits having the larger share. The Team members Venkatesh Dempo, Vedant Abhyankar and Sai Pranav Gandhi have come up with in automated farming solution to help increase farming in Goa by providing automation running on renewable energy.The farming solution titled ‘Farm3r has multiple components run by an automated bot that is controlled remotely to carry out ploughing and harrowing. The Plant3r carries out sowing as per desired plant to plant and row to row spacing and also performs harvesting.The vegetation thus cultivated due to farming leads to absorption of Carbon Dioxide from Atmosphere. Their solution also helps achieve