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Brahma of Goa

Over the last few weeks, as a part of my participation in the E-Yantra Virtual Museum competition, I have been on a journey to discover the history of one statue and its entire story. I have scoured the internet searching for leads, visited temples, talked to priests and gone around Goa to find out about this one statue. This statue is a sculpture of Brahma, a Hindu god. It is chiselled black stone and originates in the Kadamba era (12th century). It is decorated with many details, stands tall, and is bearded with Kadamba-style designs. The figure carries a ladle in its upper right Hand, The Vedas in its upper left hand. Kamandal in its lower left hand and chanting beads in its lower right hand.  Now let me walk you through my story about this statue. First, I saw images of the statue and then tried searching for information on it online. I found a few excellent articles, but those still wouldn’t give the full details. After a lot of scouring around the internet, I found one article w

Success at Icode Global Hackathon 2022

After having crossed multiple levels of testing at regional, country and finally at International level, I secured the 43rd rank at the Icode competition in Python category

Press mention for the International success at MAKEX 2022

Report on ‘The Goan’ Report on TOI Goa Report on Goa News

Goan kids shine at International level Robotics competition

Team Legogoa Axiom comprising Sai Pranav Gandhi and Viraj Marathe won the runner up(second place) position at the International MakeX Invitational Robotics competition (Starter Category) held in Bangkok, Thailand during 25-27 November 2022. Team Legogoa competed with over 72 teams from 8 countries to clinch the second place. The tournament spanned over 3 days with 4 rounds for qualification and two rounds for the championship section. The qualification round required consistent performance as the scores of all the four rounds were taken into consideration for deciding the team that qualified to the championship round. On the final day of the competition, the team Legogoa Axiom formed an alliance with a ‘TPK Robot 3’ team from Thailand composed of team members Ms Mint and Mast Pomphun to compete with 34 other teams. The day witnessed closely fought matches and Team Legogoa Axiom held its nerve to score 1460 points (just 20 points behind the winning team) to be placed second in the tally