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Revving Up the Future: Team India’s Electrifying Visit to Ola Electric

On the occasion of Engineers Day, I and Viraj had the extraordinary opportunity to visit Ola Electric in Bengaluru, an industry leader in the realm of electric mobility. This visit was a remarkable experience that provided us with profound insights into the world of sustainable transportation. Ola is the largest electric mobility company in India, known for its electric scooters and efforts to promote sustainable transportation. During our visit, we had the chance to explore various emerging technologies showcased at the location, giving us insights into the exciting developments happening in the community. We also enjoyed having delicious snacks at the Ola canteen! In conclusion, our visit to Ola Electric on Engineers Day was nothing short of electrifying. It offered us a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation and allowed us to witness firsthand the innovative technologies shaping our world. Ola’s commitment to electric mobility and sustainability is inspiring, and we l

Project on the Public Transport problem of Goa State

  Submission as part of New Technology Submission of FIRST Global Challenge My Team INDIA FGC 2023 identified the lack of public transport in Goa as one of the major problems plaguing the state of Goa. The team conducted research on the existing data and met with stakeholders to undertstand the problems and probable solutions.