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FreinApp to solve my day to day problems

This is the first mobile app that i built using MIT app platform This app was built to solve my day to day problems. After having learnt mobile app building from Robofunlab on the MIT app inventor platform , this app was submitted for the contest held by Robofunlab Let me tell you about the process on building this Mobile app. first step was to pick an idea for my app and the basics of apps are that they solve problems in day to day life. so I started by listing the problems I face. I then segregated the problems that i could solve using an app. Once that was done I assigned them an importance level from 1 to 10 so that i could i discard less important problems. I than thought of how I could solve them, for example I would need to be reminded of when to do homework, so I needed to set multiple alarms. Before building the actual app I needed to design it on paper. My design slowly evolved from crappy to simple. so first you open into this main screen.There is a small tutorial button