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About me

Name: Sai Pranav Gandhi Age: 13 Class: VIII School: Sharada Mandir, Panaji, Goa Achievements: 1. Conducted multiple workshops on LEGO robotics 2. Made presentations to kids on the topic ‘Learning from toys’, the first one was at the age of 6 3. Participating in Lego robotics competitions since 2018. won the ‘Most inspirational team award’ for First Lego League in 2019 and was ranked one of the top national teams for World Robot olympiad in 2019 4. Won the Regional level and National Level championship at the MakeX robotics competition 5. Won the top prize for the MakeinGoa competition in 2020 for building a unique robot. 6. Won multiple awards at school level chess and at academic olympiads. 7. Secured finalists top 5 position at the MIT app Hackathon contest. 8. Secured 7th rank at the Annual Bebras Competition 9. As part of Team Legogoa i have been part of National level winning team at Makex Robotics, second place at

Press Mention

Press mention after TEDxPanaji talk The Navhind Times The newspaper mentions ”The second, and the youngest speaker, was LEGO robotics prodigy, 10-year-old Sai Pranav Gandhi who showcased a few of his interesting inventions. This included a gadget which blows balloons and another which solves the Rubik’s Cube. “For me building these gadgets is enjoyable just like football or even attending a birthday party. All that is required is a desire to learn while having fun,” he said. His engrossing talk got him a standing ovation” oHeraldo Goa Says ”Ten-year-old Saipranav Gandhi, a LEGO robotics prodigy, was the youngest speaker at the event. His appeal to the audience was that robotics is not just for geeks and that anyone with a little help from the internet and a child-like enthusiasm, can be inventive and create.” Goan Observer Says ”The youngest is a Saipranav Gandhi, ten years old child prodigy who’s taken a shine to LEGO robotics, won multiple awards in robotics competitions and LEGO lea