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Comparisons of various drivetrains for FGC 2023

  Comparisons of Drivetrains for FGC 2023 4 Wheel Drive Advantages: They have good manoeuvrability and turning. Disadvantages: There is less traction because fewer wheels Less power from motors  Typically, the front two wheels are Omni wheels for increased turning ability. 6 Wheel Drive Standard 6-wheel drive: Advantages: They have high traction and stability Disadvantages: They need more maneuverability and turning. Two or more motors must be used per side, as splitting one motor over three wheels is horrible. The motors have to be powered according to the turning and traction If we use four motors, two motors power two of the middle wheels and the other two can power either the front two or the back two. An issue that is faced is that the turning could be better. There are two methods to fix this. 1) West Coast drivetrain -> further explained 2) Corner Omni -> This is where the corner traction wheels are replaced with omni wheels, which helps to achieve better turning; even t