AllergyAlly a mobile app

 AI-powered allergy companion app that revolutionizes allergy management.

The mobile app was developed as part of submission to the Global AI Hackathon using the MIT app inventor platform by me and my teammate Viraj Marathe.

UPDATE: The Allergy Ally app secured the Honourable Mention Award at the Global AI Hackathon.

The World Allergy Organization estimates that 20–30% of the global population experiences some form of allergy.

Impact on Quality of Life by Allergies:

  • Missed days
  • Poor Sleep
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Mental Health

Medical history remains a cornerstone in allergy diagnosis, guiding healthcare providers in making informed decisions and providing appropriate care to patients. And this app documents each and every allergic incident and provides detailed report for the healthcare providers with the help of AI. Existing solutions are not satisfactory and our mobile app Allergy ally acts as a companion to persons troubled by allergies.

Features of the app

  1. User profile creation
  2. Logging of allergic incidents via voice prompt
  3. Detailed logging of incidents with exhaustive list of symptoms and triggers with severity scale
  4. Capturing location information for cross checking with weather data for dust and pollen triggers in area
  5. Scanning of food and food labels to decipher allergens information
  6. Capturing pictures of allergic reactions and existing medications
  7. Visualisation of data in the form of detailed graphs.
  8. Summary of data on a calendar with the ability to select days of allergic reactions and seeing specific data.
  9. Integrating advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques,
  10. The app facilitates communication between users and healthcare providers by allowing users to share their symptom data, allergy profile, and tracking history in a detailed PDF with their doctors. This streamlined communication enables doctors to make more accurate diagnoses on the allergy and take the measures required.

The app collects detailed data

1. Profile Fields:

Name, Age, Gender, Address, phone number, Existing allergic conditions, socio-economic status.

2. Logging fields:

  1. Date and Time
  2. Symptoms and severity
  3. Suspected triggers
  4. Food — milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, soy, wheat, fish
  5. Environmental: Pollen, Dust, Mites, Mold, Pets, Insect bite
  6. Medication
  7. Mood/Stress Level
  8. Photos of allergic incidents
  9. Location and Weather (based on location connects via API)

Symptoms and Severity


Eczema, Flushing, Hives, Itch, Other Rash, Redness around mouth, Swelling

Eyes & Breathing

Cough and/ or shortness of breath, Itchy red eyes, Runny nose

Mouth & Digestive

Abdominal pain, Bloating, Blood in stool, Colic, Constipation, Diarrhea, Difficulty in swallowing, Heartburn, Itching of mouth and throat, Vomiting

Heart & Blood

Fainting/ Lightheadedness, Heart racing

You can try the mobile app on your mobile phone by installing this APK file

The details of the app can be seen in this presentation

The smart part of the app are powered by ChatGPT and a blog post on how we have created prompts to have AI interpret data is here

To test the app we needed a large dataset with different patient profiles and we managed to create datasets via python code and a blog post on the dataset and python code is


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