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Ninja Fight game built for competition

Ninja Fight game is a scrolling platform game that challenges one player to overcome obstacles and destroy the Enemy boss. The unique idea of this Game project is that the playing difficulty can be changed. There is a feature to select levels to 1-10. Additionally with the AI feature the game automatically recommends the difficulty based on how well the player did in the previous round. The recommendation can still be changed using the slider and the player can change the difficulty to whatever he/she wants. The following are the major features of the game which indicates the level of complexity in the code used to design the game. Play video of the game narrated by Sai Pranav Try playing this simple game View it at The main features of this games are listed below Artificial Intelligence: The AI calculates the recommended value when the player wins by,  Prediction = Round((Difficulty – (Minutes taken * 0.8)) + (Hearts / 3)). It also calculates the value, Predic