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Mobile App: Prevention is Greater than Cure

The Mobile App ‘Prevention is Greater than Cure’ P>C was developed by team Legogoa consisting of Venkatesh Dempo and Sai Pranav Gandhi. Its was submitted to the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020 In the fight against COVID 19, keeping ourselves healthy and increasing our immunity is the only way to protect ourselves. WELLNESS in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual terms is essential. The statement ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is so perfect. So we created a unique and innovative concept ‘Wellness quotient’.This app motivates the user to improve his Wellness Quotient through the use of various features in the app like exercises, walking, talking to friends, staying positive, eating healthy etc. Each of these features has been assigned a score and the app calculates the Wellness Quotient based on the scores obtained on each of the features. The user is prompted to improve his Wellness Quotient. And improvement in Wellness Score means improvement in general health leading to better Immuni


Legogoa is founded on the motto of ‘playful learning’. It is a community of people facilitating the learning of kids in the group, through various mediums of toys, robotics etc. It is an informal community based out of personal homes and meet up for various events.