From Team Goa To Team India

My team has been selected to participate in FIRST Global Challenge which is a US-based nonprofit public charity established by the founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), Dean Kamen. THEIR MISSION is to inspire leadership and innovation in youth from all nations by empowering them through education in STEM. FIRST Global brings future STEM leaders together in a collaborative competition, using robots to instill self-confidence, skills, imagination, courage, and vision in kids, emphasizing the importance and excitement of STEM education.

Team India, a group of five talented students, is honored to represent their diverse and culturally rich country at the prestigious FIRST Global Challenge in Singapore. Their journey started with Team Legogoa, a parents-led community club dedicated to robotics, which has been making waves in the field for the past six years.

Amidst tough competition, the team’s innovative contraption that flung a tennis ball 27 meters using projectile motion earned them the privilege to represent India.

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