Bebras India Computational Thinking Challenge 2021

Bebras (​​) is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge organised in over 60 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. The challenge is a great way to learn about computational thinking and problem solving skills.

The Bebras challenges are made of a set of short problems called Bebras tasks. The tasks are fun, engaging and based on problems that Computer Scientists enjoy solving. The tasks require logical thinking and can be solved without prior knowledge of computational thinking. ​The aim is to solve as many as you can in the allotted time. it was organised from 15th November-7th December, 2021.

As part of this challenge my team ‘Legogoa’ coached few friends and interested ones to participate in the challenge by conducting online sessions and creating tutorial videos

Bebras Explainer video

Four team members from my team Legogoa secured top 100 ranks and I managed to secured 7th Rank


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