Pocket Money Problem

This SCRATCH game was built by me as part of the FOM series i.e. Fear of Maths turning to Fun of Maths as submission to Google Code 2020 submission.

This is a simple game to play with Pocket Money to be deposited in piggy banks and learn Algebra.
The game helps understand the concept of solving Linear Algebraic equations.

  1. First screen explains the problem
  2. Second screen provides option to select the money to be deposited in the two piggy banks and solves the problem by listing all the values in a table.
  3. Third screen shows the equations for both the piggy banks.
  4. Fourth screen uses Coordinate Geometry to plot the graph as per the values of the table from screen two. The answer is in the intersection point of the Iggy values plot and Diggy values a plot
  5. The fifth screen provides a Linear Algebraic equation solver which enables user to input values as per ones choice to arrive values for X and Y.


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