Mobile App 'Prevention is Greater than Cure' P>C

The Mobile App ‘Prevention is Greater than Cure’ P>C was developed by team Legogoa consisting of Venkatesh Dempo and Sai Pranav Gandhi. Its was submitted to the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020

In the fight against COVID 19, keeping ourselves healthy and increasing our immunity is the only way to protect ourselves. WELLNESS in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual terms is essential. The statement ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is so perfect. So we created a unique and innovative concept ‘Wellness quotient’.This app motivates the user to improve his Wellness Quotient through the use of various features in the app like exercises, walking, talking to friends, staying positive, eating healthy etc. Each of these features has been assigned a score and the app calculates the Wellness Quotient based on the scores obtained on each of the features. The user is prompted to improve his Wellness Quotient. And improvement in Wellness Score means improvement in general health leading to better Immunity.

1. Walk/ run: Pedometer

2. Meditation: YouTube videos

3. BMI; Body mass Index calculator

4. Mind Games: ping pong game to improve concentration

5. Chat bot: Auto chat feature for engagement

6. Exercise: AI based yoga trainer

7. Quiz: WQ questionnaire to quiz on three pillars of Wellness

8. WQ: Wellness Quotient calculator

9. Share: Social Share to share the WQ achievements

10. Help: More information on how to use the features

Based on the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020 contest themes we selected 

Theme: Healthcare

Prevention is Greater than Cure (P>C)

We Sai Pranav Gandhi and Venkatesh Dempo, studying in 5th standard in Sharada Mandir School, Goa, India. Our team is LEGOGOA. 

We had a brainstorming session with our family members and friends and opted for the theme of Health Care. Currently making ourselves healthy and increasing our immunity is the best way to fight against COVID 19.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. To increase our immunity we have to be healthy at Physical, Mental, and Spiritual levels. It is termed as WELLNESS. There is a popular saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ so we decided to work on these concepts.

mind map of wellness

We listed down the factors of wellness and then discussed at achieving them with a Mobile app

We then prioritized each of these solutions based on its importance and doability

We then worked on the design of the app and how we could combine the features on to have a simple and easy to use interface

The unique and innovative part of this app is that we created a Wellness quotient based on the three pillars of health i.e., Physical, Mental and spiritual components. 

All the features and activities in this app are designed towards arriving at a Wellness Quotient and the improvement of this quotient is the task assigned to the user. If you notice this Wellness Quotient scoring sheet all the three pillars  are balanced

scoring metrics for wellness quotient

Now let us look at the features of this app 


Once you open the app it will ask you to enter your name and click a selfie. This feature enables us to personalize the app


The Meditation feature takes you to a youtube video of meditation.


The next feature is about exercise. This feature has two buttons Start And Clear. The button start will start the pedometer then change itself to the stop button while the clear button shall clear all these details.


This feature calculates the  BMI  based on the input of your height and weight and you can select kgs, pounds for weight and meters, centimeters for height and it will show if you are obese, underweight, etc.


This is a mind game feature that will help in improving your concentration. 


This is a chatbot feature to get you out of depression in this lockdown when you feel lonely


This yoga feature is powered by A.I. and will predict the correctness of the poses that one is doing. Currently, it is trained for 2 poses: child pose and tree pose. You have to choose which pose you are going to do with the help of these buttons. Then tell your friend to hold up the phone and point the camera at you. It will then tell you if you did it correctly or not. The user has to then hold the pose for 30 secs and the timer will tell you when you finish.


The most important feature is a questionnaire that the user has to submit every day. After you submit the questionnaire it generates a WQ (Wellness Quotient) and shows how many points one has scored. This score has a share button that allows you to share your WQ with your friends,  WQ is calculated on all the features in the app 

On the main page, there will be a button called help. This button will show you help and you can see a help page to know more about us and how to use the app. 

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Manual for the app…


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