Self Motivating And Rewarding Talent - SMART Yoga App

This app was built by Sai Pranav on the International Yoga day to solve two biggest problems that he faces while doing yoga

  1. Whether i am doing the poses right
  2. Motivation to keep doing yoga for a longer period of time

I solved these problems by

  • Using AI to detect whether i am doing the yoga poses rightly
  • Perform yoga regularly to earn badges and share the reward badges with my friends

The app has the following features

  1. Link to youtube videos on Yoga
  2. Showcasing of yoga poses
  3. Checking with the help of AI if i am doing the yoga poses correctly
  4. creating daily schedule of yoga poses with increasing level of difficulty
  5. Earn reward badges for completing milestones
  6. Feature to Share badges

The android mobile was built using MIT App Inventor as part of the International Yoga Day 2020 celebrated by AYUSH – Yoga & Naturopathy

To download the app or the code to modify the app yourself use this link


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