FreinApp to solve my day to day problems

This is the first mobile app that i built using MIT app platform

This app was built to solve my day to day problems. After having learnt mobile app building from Robofunlab on the MIT app inventor platform, this app was submitted for the contest held by Robofunlab

Let me tell you about the process on building this Mobile app.

first step was to pick an idea for my app and the basics of apps are that they solve problems in day to day life. so I started by listing the problems I face. I then segregated the problems that i could solve using an app. Once that was done I assigned them an importance level from 1 to 10 so that i could i discard less important problems. I than thought of how I could solve them, for example I would need to be reminded of when to do homework, so I needed to set multiple alarms. Before building the actual app I needed to design it on paper. My design slowly evolved from crappy to simple. so first you open into this main screen.There is a small tutorial button that gives a tour of all the features of the app. There are 9 buttons on the app. the first one is a clock feature, it displays the date at the top. you can add a reminder, just select the date and what you want to be reminded of, press this button and the reminder is set. To set an alarm enter the time and alarm details and press the button it will get listed. Once you click the alarm, the alarm will be set. We can have multiple timers as well, This is a Pocket Money Manager feature, it manages pocket money. First add details of money spent, money had, money received and click this button to find out the amount of money you have. My Music feature, is a offline music player and plays music stored in the phone. Its has all the features of a typical musical player online music feature takes you to youtube songs Gaming feature includes the famous tic tac toe game.This app shows if it is a win or a tie The Alarms feature allows you to be reminded of forgetful activities. if you type 6 hours and 21 minutes for wake up it will ring at that time. Similarly you can set alarm for the other activities like homework to be done or school bag to be packed. Health Manager feature takes care of my fitness. Once you open it, enter the target steps,,,,,, here It counts the number of steps you take while walking or running. Based on the steps, I coded it to determine the calories burnt and the distance walked. at the end of the day this app shows the total figures as well In addition to pedometer this button showcases exercise videos for motivation So dear friends hope you have liked my frienapp.

Click download to use the app on your phone.

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