We has kids have been exposed to various toys. Toys have been primary source of play and entertainment for kids since a long time. Kids across various generations have played with varying level of complex toys. The toys ranged from cycle wheels to wooden blocks. But lately there has been a rapid development of toys industry and toys with varying level of complexity are available. The toys being developed are not only means 0f play and entertainment but also learning. 


Founded in Denmark, Lego has been ranked at the top of toys industry. Lego has been the top most toys attraction for kids and adults alike. As a platform it has encouraged thousands of communities worldwide to create their own spin with the blocks and share with the world. The community support and sharing is what makes LEGO so unique and popular, just like the LegoGoa community of Goa. To know more about Lego click here

Unlike the popularly known bricks, there are many themes

The most popular ones are

  1. Classics: Most commonly known bricks and are used to create shapes, structures, designs as per your imagination. 
  2. Technic: Used for mechanical and engineering models to build advanced, real-life functions like gearboxes and steering systems
  3. Mindstorms: It is a robotics kit that has sensors, motors etc. and can be used to build robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine.

Buying Lego is expensive especially in India with higher import duties. The local toys shops do have many lego sets on display. Online shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon do offer good bargains on lego sets. If you have friends and relatives abroad especially USA. You can get a Lego set at a good bargain price. Bricklink is the best site to buy Lego pieces or sets as it is a user marketplace. However this site recently has been acquired by Lego itself. 



Puzzles have always attracted kids and adults alike and we would like to showcase few of them that help us in enhancing learning for kids

Rubiks cube

IQ games:


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